Quick Facts:

Founded: 1968

Headquarters: Bend, Oregon

Employees: Unknown

Website: www.beavercoachsales.com

In 1968, Jim Hogue and Frank Storch began building slide-in campers for pickup trucks in “a two car garage in Covallis, Oregon.” [1] They named their company Beaver Coach Inc. in a “tip of the hat” to Oregon State University Mascot, Benny “Beaver.”

Around 1974, Jim and Frank opened a repair facility for motor coaches in Bend, Oregon. They also added Class C motor homes to their product line. Built on Dodge and Chevrolet frame chassis, these “minis” as they were often called, were powered by either Dodge 440 or Chevrolet 454 engines.

In the early 1980s, Beaver Coach Inc. began manufacturing Class A motor homes which varied in size up to 36 feet. These were powered with gasoline engines and sported the company’s signature brown and white color scheme. Later, in 1985, the company offered their first diesel option for sale and introduced rounded European-styling and brighter color schemes the following year.

Unfortunately, by 1993 demand for Beaver motor homes waned and they were acquired by Safari Motorcoach Corporation while in bankruptcy.

When Monaco Coach purchased Safari in 2002, they kept the “Beaver Coach” brand name and began producing a line of luxury coaches called Beaver Solitaire. Four years later, they moved the plant to Coburg, Oregon and streamlined production, eliminating certain models.

In 2009, Monaco filed for bankruptcy and was later purchased by Navistar International but Beaver Coach was not included in this buyout.

2019 ENTEGRA ANTHEM by Beaver Coach Sales

In 2016, the “Beaver Coach” brand name was purchased by the owner of the repair facility, Beaver Coach Sales and Service in Bend, Oregon. This purchase returned the brand to its roots and new production is expected in 2018.

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