RV Windows Getting Foggy?

Is there moisture or corrosion inside your RV windows? Having foggy RV windows can be very dangerous because it can prevent you from seeing clearly while driving. It is important that you can see out of all side windows on your RV, especially those near the driver. Our glass repair experts can skillfully remove the damaged window and replace it with a new insulating glass unit or repair your existing window. Custom Glass Solutions glass pros know what it takes to ensure that all of your windows are crystal clear so you can keep your family safe during your trips.

Typically, foggy windows are caused by a broken seal that allows moisture to get in between the two panes of glass. The space between the two window panes is filled with an inert gas (like argon). If the seal is broken somehow, fogged windows tend to develop when atmospheric moisture seeps into the space between the panes. You may need to replace the whole window in order to maintain thermal insulation from the outside and to restore complete clarity.

On RVs, dual-pane windows can help reduce condensation and provide great temperature control. They lock-in warmth during the winter and keep hot air out in the summer. For those who travel in an RV year-round, dual-pane windows can make the journey more enjoyable. The trade-off is that these RV window systems can become victims of moisture or fog over time if the window experiences damage or its seals are compromised. Fortunately, Custom Glass Solutions can help you fix your foggy side windows through our network of nearly 3000 glass shops nationwide for speedy returns to the road!

Tempered Glass for Doors and Windows

Tempered Glass and RV Safety

Many doors and windows on RVs, campers, and motorhomes are made of tempered glass, commonly referred to as safety glass. Tempered glass is strengthened specifically to provide durability and safety. With a minimum surface compression of 10,000 pounds per square inch, the extra strength in tempered glass helps prevent it from shattering. When it does break, it crumbles into small pieces, reducing people’s chances of getting cut. Tempered glass also is used for emergency egress applications, allowing people to exit from a window in case of an emergency.

Glass becomes tempered by going through a heating and rapid cooling process. The rapid cooling creates higher surface tension on the glass, making it stronger than normal glass. The extra strength makes tempered glass an excellent option for side windows on an RV and can lessen the need for window repair. When tempered glass is impacted, it breaks into smaller, dull pieces instead of large shards — thereby lessening the risk of injury.

RV Glass Replacement for Campers, Motorhomes & RV Windows
Tempered Glass for Doors & Windows

Laminated Glass for RV Windshield Protection

While tempered glass is used primarily for side windows and doors in RVs and campers, windshields are made of laminated glass. Laminated glass protects drivers and front-seat passengers should an accident occur.

Laminated glass uses two pieces of glass, sandwiching them together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in the middle. The PVB interlayer is tough enough to keep occupants inside the vehicle — and foreign objects out — during a crash. When laminated glass breaks, the PVB interlayer helps hold the broken pieces of glass in place.

While tempered glass has a tendency to shatter into small pieces, laminated glass chips, cracks and stays in place, allowing the windshield to stay intact instead of having to be replaced.

CGS Offers Laminated & Tempered Glass Replacement and Repair for RVs, Motorhomes, and Campers

For being such a common glass used in RVs, motorhomes, campers and other vehicles, quality tempered glass products can be surprisingly difficult to find. Custom Glass Solutions has years of knowledge and expertise to source and install the tempered glass you need. We can help with tinted or clear tempered glass for any style window from sliding frames to frameless. Please call CGS today to get started with one of the preferred glass shops in our nationwide network.

Single-Pane Windows for Affordability

Single-pane windows in your motorhome offer a few advantages. For one, they are less expensive. Another plus is you’ll be more connected to the outdoors. A single pane lets more of nature’s music in – you can enjoy more of the sounds of the natural world because these windows don’t offer as much sound insulation as double-pane windows. On the flipside, if the sounds you’re hearing are road noise, high winds, or every whisper from the campsite next door, it may not be music to your ears in the long run.

A single-pane camper window can permit more cold or heat to sneak into your RV living space. These windows work well in moderate climates, but in cold weather a single pane doesn’t always provide much insulation – making your heater work double time. In hot weather, your air conditioner will work harder to keep the temperature down also.

Due to the lack of insulation on single-pane windows, condensation can be more of a problem as well. Cold glass in a confined space where humidity can build quickly creates an ideal environment for condensation to form. If it’s cold outside, you may have to wipe down the windows every so often. This seems to be the big complaint we hear from our customers – the inconvenience of window condensation on the interior of RVs!

Tempered Glass for Doors & Windows

Double-Pane Windows for Insulation and No Condensation

Double-pane RV windows offer superior insulation from cold, heat, wind, and sound. Just as you would dress in layers to stay warm, these windows hold an insulating pocket of air or gas between the two layers of glass. Double-pane windows cost more than single-pane windows initially, but you may save money later when heating and cooling your motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel. It’s likely you’ won’t need to deal with the moisture-condensation problem discussed above when you live and travel with double-pane insulated windows.

Another advantage is security. Smashing through two panes of glass will be more difficult than breaking through one if your visitor has the intention of stealing valuables. It will take a bit more determination for mischief-makers to break through a double- pane glass window.

Custom Glass Solutions provides RV windshield replacements and RV window repair services for foggy windows, tempered and laminated glass systems, and single and double-pane RV windows, coast to coast. When you’re looking for assistance, trust Custom Glass Solutions!

RV windshield & window replacements by Custom Glass Solutions

Custom Glass Solutions provides RV glass repairs and RV window replacement services for recreational vehicle owners coast to coast. If you’re looking to improve your RV glass systems with tempered & laminated glass, we’ve got you covered. The Custom Glass Solutions team can guide you through the easy repair process – from filing an insurance claim to having your new windshield installed – for numerous popular RV brands from Airstream to Winnebago. For both motorhomes and campers & towable RVs, we offer fast, professional side window and RV windshield replacements and repairs


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