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On the road, at the RV park, even in your own driveway… accidents can happen and they often do at the most inopportune times. A loose nut detaches from a truck traveling in front of your RV and hits your windshield – chip! A heavy branch damaged by a storm finally gives way and falls onto your 5th wheel’s skylight – crack! A rock thrown from your own lawnmower sails through the air and strikes your motorhome’s side door glass – shatter! Whether it’s a small chip or a wide crack, damage to the glass elements of your recreational vehicle or camper is rarely just cosmetic – chips and cracks left over time often expand, deepen and become worse. Time, vibrations and bumps from road travel, and weather incidents like frost, ice, hail and extreme heat will take their toll and make that unseemly blemish on your windshield or side window increase in magnitude until it becomes a safety hazard – even in a dual-pane window system.

Windshield Repairs for RV

Fortunately, Custom Glass Solutions offers the best service nationwide for replacing or repairing motorhome and RV windshields and RV windows. Our team of glass experts will direct you to the closest glass shop in our network – nearly 3,000 shops nationwide – and can help you manage the insurance claims process as well. Our goal is to get you back on the road as fast as possible with as little hassle as possible. If your RV glass can be repaired, that’s the service we’ll pursue. If the damage is simply too great to repair, we’ll recommend an RV windshield replacement with a warranty included.

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Glass Replacement or Window Repair for Your Camper or RV?

Can Your Cracked Motorhome Windshield Be Repaired and Saved?

If your motorhome or RV windshield is cracked or chipped, don’t panic – you may be able to have the glass repaired without replacing the entire windshield. Auto glass standards dictate a few best practices for determining when to expect an RV window or windshield repair as opposed to when you should definitely opt for the window or RV windshield to be replaced.

Expect RV glass repair services for:

• A chip in the glass that is smaller than a 50-cent piece
• Three or fewer chips of the size described above
• A crack in the glass that is no larger than a 50-cent piece and does not expand

RV glass chips
Plan for RV window & windshield replacement

Plan for RV window & windshield replacement for:

• Chunks larger than a 50-cent piece that are missing from the glass
• More than three smaller chips on the windshield
• Long (2 to 3″ in-length) spider cracks emanating outwards from the chip
• Chips in the driver’s direct line of sight
• Windshields that have been repaired previously
• Chips in the glass that break through to the interior side of the window

How to Get Your Camper or Motorhome Glass Windshield Repaired Fast

How to Get Your Camper or Motorhome Glass Windshield Repaired Fast

Custom Glass Solutions understands why the windshield is such a vital part of your lifestyle vehicle! Windshields must provide clear vision, shade drivers and passengers from heat and UV rays, and protect occupants in case of an accident. With so much responsibility, it’s important to have the best RV windshield repair or replacement possible.

Submit your claim to CGS and get the process started, quickly and easily. Not only will we take care of your insurance claim and give you the best quality windshield, we will help you find the closest repair shop or mobile RV windshield service from our network of thousands. The crack or chip will be cleaned and a special resin is then-poured over the damaged area and cured with UV light to create a seamless surface. This may sound like the same kits you can buy online, but a professional repair shop uses professional-grade materials that ensure a better fix. Many DIY attempts can and have resulted in failed and messy repairs!

Small chips and cracks in the windshield of your RV or motorhome may just seem like a nuisance to your vision. But these chips and cracks can spread quickly and create an even more hazardous driving situation. Any chipped or cracked RV or motorhome windshield should be repaired immediately to help keep all those who travel inside of it safe and sound.

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Custom Glass Solutions provides RV glass repairs and RV window replacement services for recreational vehicle owners coast to coast. If you’re looking to improve your RV glass systems with tempered & laminated glass, we’ve got you covered. The Custom Glass Solutions team can guide you through the easy repair process – from filing an insurance claim to having your new windshield installed – for numerous popular RV brands from Airstream to Winnebago. For both motorhomes and campers & towable RVs, we offer fast, professional side window and RV windshield replacements and repairs


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