RV to these hidden treasures of Virginia’s interior!

Summer is here and, if you’re like us, the beach is calling your name! Vacations to the beach are the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, where the confluence of exploration and moderation beautifully interact; where one can shed their winter skin in the salty air of a good book, a magnificent sand castle, an ocean wave, or a local attraction.

Whatever the beach means to your family, Virginia Beach has you covered. Located where the Atlantic Ocean collides with the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is the perfect mix of exciting coastal life and relaxing beach vacation. It carries all the charms of the perfect beach vacation.

But do you know there are hidden treasures located near its white sand shores? If you’re traveling to Virginia Beach this season with your RV, be sure to check out these amazing attractions on your way!

1. The Luray Caverns

Coming from the North via I-64 W – 230 Miles from Virginia Beach

Luray CavernsOriginally discovered in 1878, the Luray Caverns are an ancient network of underground caves with walkways, unique rock formations and waterfalls in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Luray’s cave network is the largest on the Eastern Seaboard, boasting peculiar rock formations like the “Fried Eggs” and “Throne Room.”

Beyond their aesthetic draw, however, the Luray Caverns also sing! If you visit the belly of her great cavern you will hear melodious stalactite verses produced by its notorious Great Stalacpipe Organ.

Whether you are in to nature, ancient history, or exquisite music, The Luray Caverns are worth the stop. There are ticket booths near all the cave entrances and, no matter the heat of the Virginia day, the caves fluctuate in the upper 50s and 60s.

2. Crabtree Falls

Coming from the North West via I-64 W – 240 Miles from Virginia Beach

Crabtree FallsThe highest set of waterfalls east of the Mississippi, Crabtree Falls drops over 1,200 feet in the George Washington National Forest. Located just six miles off of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway, its lore is connected with the TV show The Waltons and, in one spot, has a straight vertical drop over 500 feet.

No need for your hiking shoes! Crabtree Falls is the perfect stop on your RV trip to Virginia Beach. Visitors can quickly access the first overlook of the falls just a hundred feet from the upper parking lot, making it a first-rate stopover for RV travelers of all ages and abilities.

If hiking is your thing or you have time to spare, there are a multitude of trails surrounding the falls with differing overlooks and vistas of the falls and its Nelson County countryside.

Just as the Tye River runs the falls in its way to the Chesapeake Bay, so you should stop by the falls on your way to the Bay’s great Virginia Beach!

3. Busch Gardens

Coming from the North via I-64 W – 55 Miles from Virginia Beach

Busch GardensVirginia’s largest theme park, Busch Gardens is a near 400-acre thrill park owned by SeaWorld Entertainment and is ranked in the United State’s Top 20 Parks.

The park’s theme is centered around different European countries, offering rides, activities, and foods for the entire family.

While you’re there, experience the second fastest steel Dive Coaster in the United States called The Griffon, dropping its victims nearly straight down for 205.

Although not a short stop, Busch Gardens offers great RV parking and supplements your Virginia beach vacation with some thrill and added family excitement.

4. Occoneechee State Park

Coming from the South via VA 40 – 167 Miles from Virginia Beach

Occoneechee State ParkOcconeechee State Park is Southern Virginia’s premier destination for RV camping, hiking, and water sports. Within the park is Buggs Island Lake, a 50,000-acre lake extending for over 39 miles along the Roanoke River. Visitors of the park can enjoy RV camping, fishing, swimming, boating, or relaxing and experiencing the sublime beauties of Virginia’s southern waters.

Even for a night, park your RV along Buggs Island Lake’s shores and enjoy a meal and a fresh water swim before you reach Virginia Beach’s salty waters.

These hidden treasures will transform your yearly trip to Virginia Beach into one you can never forget. Don’t wait to start your adventure at Virginia Beach; turn your RV trip to Virginia Beach into an adventure!

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