RV Destinations and Sightseeing in Florida – The Sunshine State!

It’s no secret that within the eastern half of the United States, Florida is by far the most popular state to visit and explore by RV enthusiasts – favored by senior “snowbirds” as a great region to retire to, and beloved by traveling RV families for the variety of destinations and RV parks that dot the state.

Florida boasts the longest coastline in the contiguous USA, the largest city by land mass (Jacksonville), and is the only state to border both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

With a rich history that features the search for the Fountain of Youth by Ponce de Leon, evocative geographical features such as the Florida Everglades and Florida Keys, and wildlife including alligators, crocodiles, panthers and manatees, Florida’s tropical climate and large landmass is an inviting travel destination for RV enthusiasts all across America as well as those originating in Canada. There’s also hugely popular commercial destinations for RV families to experience, such as Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios.

Below are several Florida travel destinations as covered by RV lifestyle bloggers who have traveled throughout Florida extensively and have found less commercial tourist destinations that are sure to satisfy. We appreciate their passionate coverage of these Florida hot spots and events from an RV perspective, and encourage our readers to check-out their blogs for more handy information on RV lifestyle travel tips.

The Florida RV Supershow

Whether you are a fledgling RV enthusiast or a lifelong fan of mobile homes and recreational vehicle travel and living, the annual Florida RV Supershow has something for everyone. Started in 1985, the tour de force of RV products and campgrounds for Florida is often hailed as “the greatest RV show in the country” – and while many other industry events say the same thing about their big expositions, this one is pretty spectacular. There’s an Industry Day every year as well as Public Days, with low-cost admissions, and well-behaved pets are even allowed. The Soulful RV Family recapped their visit to the Supershow in 2017 on their RV blog with good coverage and some fabulous photos of the event that will help you to see what you are missing, or will be experiencing, depending on your decision to go or to miss the Sunshine State’s biggest RV extravaganza.

Florida Keys and Bahai Honda State Park

Off the southern tip of Florida are a string of tropical islands known affectionately as the Florida Keys. The southernmost city in the USA – Key West – is situated here and is famous for the home of author Ernest Hemingway as well as Mallory Square’s nightly Sunset Celebration and more. Pirating history abounds in the Keys, and there is a wealth of natural beauty to be encountered by intrepid RV travelers who venture this far south, such as the folks who create and post on the NewSchoolNomads RV blog. This family shot some great photos of what life and thrills are like in the Keys, and their travelogue entries on beautiful Bahai Honda State Park, the National Key Deer Refuge, and the amazing and striking John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park will have readers plotting-out your next trip to southern Florida with excitement. Did we mention that mobile home travelers can reserve spots to park and camp at all these great destinations via the Florida State Park website? You can!

St. Augustine and “Old Florida”

RV bloggers Wheeling It, Roadtreking and the Kellogg Show all are super-excited about St. Augustine, Florida and its general vicinity, known loosely as “Old Florida.” This is the region of Florida containing St. PetersburgSarasota, St. Augustine, the lore of Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth, and so much more. It’s far from the glitz of Miami and the expensive modern entertainments available at Disney World and Universal Studios. Little Springs State Park, Warm Springs Park, and of course St. Augustine hold much for curious RV visitors to this historic part of Florida. The St. Augustine LighthouseOld Town St. AugustineCastillo De San Marcos, and even the St. Augustine Bridge Lion are all worth seeing and experiencing in this beautiful and truly “vintage” city that is one of the true gems of Floridian culture.

Swimming with Manatees

Lots of folks think about swimming with dolphins but not as many think about swimming with the giant sea cows of the ocean that are indigenous to Florida – the gentle mammalian herbivores known as manatees. These tranquil and intelligent creatures can be found in Florida in the coastal area known as the Nature Coast – a rural, unspoiled area of Florida that features Crystal River, Florida, where the manatees are most likely to be seen. Ocean bays, mangroves and hundreds of waterways can be found in this region of Florida, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find more than a few of the giant aquatic creatures to boot. The Love Your RV blog features an awesome entry about their experiences swimming with the manatees, and you can learn a great deal about how to have such an experience yourself by checking out their blog post on the subject.

We hope you find these trips and destinations in the Sunshine State to be appealing targets for your next RV adventure. Florida has beautiful weather, interesting locales that are off the beaten path, and both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for those who love the smell of the salty sea and the sound of crashing waves. While you are driving east and west and north and south around Florida, should you encounter any trouble with your RV windshield, Custom Glass Solutions is here for you with RV windshield repairs and replacements. Please feel free to contact us to repair or replace your motorhome windshield anywhere in the state. We offer rapid service and professionalism in cities and towns across Florida like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Naples, Sarasota, Key West, Punta Gorda, Boca Raton, Pensacola, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, West Palm Beach and more.

Written by Matt Eder

Matt Eder