Protecting Your RV from Theft

Protecting Your RV from TheftTheft happens everywhere. Unfortunately, campgrounds are not immune and are often targeted by thieves looking to break into your motorhome in order to steal personal items, RV parts and more. While RVs can haul more than your average car, they also have less security than your typical brick and mortar home.

Campgrounds have a high turnover rate as well, with campers frequently coming and going like at a hotel at all hours of the day and night. With little privacy from others and no access to secure storage sheds or garages, the likelihood that your vehicle will be broken into is often higher than normal when you’re out camping.

According to House Grail, RV theft increased by 867% in 2020 and RVs with broken and faulty parts are more likely to be broken into than those in perfect condition. We’re not sure exactly why this is true – one would think that thieves would target the newest, most pristine-looking RVs for better chances of hitting the jackpot in terms of what they could steal from within, but older, less well-kept RVs may present as being easier with which to gain access. Repairing your motorhome before your next trip could be the key to keeping it, and your belongings inside, safe.

Tips for Protecting Your RV from Robbery

Check out these basic tips to stay proactive and to keep your RV and personal items safe the next time you’re at the campground!

  • Always lock your RV once you’re inside for the night or out visiting or exploring the RV park
  • Don’t leave personal items sitting-out where they are visible and make for a tempting prize
  • Close all window curtains and blinds and put a sun shade in the windshield when you’re away from your RV so would-be-thieves cannot see inside
  • Lock-up your bikes when you’re away from your motorhome
  • Protect your valuables in a secure safe that others cannot access
  • If you’re using public, unsecured WiFi connections while camping, don’t log into websites that require passwords – as your activity may be monitored
  • Camp at a secure campground with a fence and motion lights – you can always inquire ahead of a stay to ensure that the park you are heading to has these security features
  • Invest in an RV security system and unit theft protection – also essential for when you leave your RV in storage for long periods of time

Custom Glass Solutions for RV Glass Windows & Systems

Despite taking precautions to ensure your RV is safe, no one can predict the future. Locks are picked, windows are smashed and theft happens every day. Repairing your RV windshield before your next trip —and replacing it when it’s broken—are important for keeping you and your family safe the next time you hit the road.

Custom Glass Solutions offers professional and high-quality repairs and replacements for RV glass windows and systems all across the country. If you’re looking to fix your broken motor home windshield, the Custom Glass Solutions team can guide you through the process, from filing an insurance claim to having a new windshield installed. We work with more than 3,000 Network Approved glass shops who know how to handle RV windshield replacements and repairs, and we will work with the shop that is most convenient for you geographically.

Contact us today for more information or fill out this form to get started on your own RV glass system repair.

Written by Matt Eder

Matt Eder