RV Insurance Selection FAQs with Jason Dobson of Hi Sage Insurance

rv insurance

Custom Glass Solutions reached-out to our friend Jason Dobson with Hi Sage Insurance regarding the ins and outs of RV insurance policies. Addressing claims regarding damaged RV windshields and RV glass replacement was one of the topics Jason addresses below in his FAQ session. Please read-on because you may learn new details on shopping for an insurance policy for your recreational vehicle!

1. Is insurance for RVs different than that for cars? If so, how?

Yes! There are specific coverages designed for RVs. Some of these coverage items are Vacation Liability, Personal Effects, Emergency Expense and settlement options.

2. What should people pay attention to as they shop for an RV insurance policy?

The coverage that the policy is offering, as opposed to just the cost of the policy.

3. Do some carriers insure RVs better than other insurance companies?

Yes, the companies do vary in the coverage limits they offer, and how they’ll settle in the event of a total loss to the RV.

4. Is broken RV glass typically covered under RV insurance policies?

Yes, it’s covered under the “comprehensive coverage,” subject to the deductible listed. Unless you select the windshield option of either a $0 or $100 deductible for replacement of the windshield.

The side glass on the RV is covered under the “comprehensive coverage” and is subject to the deductible.

5. Any other interesting/relevant facts or tidbits around RV insurance?

Not all insurance policies are the same! They may look alike but they can differ in so many ways. It’s in your best interest to at least speak with an RV insurance specialist to ensure that you have the coverage necessary for RVing.

6. Tell us a little about your background and your insurance agency.

I’ve been in the insurance industry for 27 years, focusing on RV insurance for 11 years. Hi Sage Insurance has been in business for close to 40 years, specializing in RV insurance. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and tailoring policies to fit the needs of our customers. We offer coverage from five leading RV insurers, so we are able to offer a variety of options.

7. Do you have any noteworthy RV affiliations?

We have been partners within Family Motor Coaching Association (FMCA) for just about 9 years now, branded as FMCA RV Insurance. Our work with FMCA has helped us directly reach and educate their members. We offer informational seminars at their national conventions and in fact, it was at one of the conventions where I learned about Custom Glass Solutions and their member benefit with FMCA. We enjoy working with fellow FMCA partners and our collaboration with Custom Glass Solutions is the perfect example.

Custom Glass Solutions is grateful for the time Jason took to further-explain how to select an insurance policy for your RV insurance needs, and we encourage you to check-out Jason’s agency – Hi Sage Insurance – if you are in-need of RV insurance for your vehicle! We’re sure to cross paths with Jason at an upcoming FMCA event, and look forward to it. Meanwhile, if you are having an issue with your RV windshield and need to file a claim to get started with Custom Glass Solutions and our RV glass repair and replacement services, please use our convenient form here to get started.