RV Shows: Top 5 Tips for First-Time Attendees

RV Shows

As Spring arrives each year, recreational vehicle enthusiasts gather to share their love of RV traveling, see new RV models, learn maintenance tips and discover everything in between about the RV lifestyle.

Some RV shows are massive exhibitions while others are incredibly modest, but either way, first time attendees should prepare for the experience by gathering supplies and reading up on what to expect from the show that they are attending. Here is a list of dates for 2022 RV shows per state, as well as a few early dates for 2023.

Preparing for a show ahead of time can save attendees a lot of hassles. Whether it’s being spared the physical pain of being unprepared for a full day on your feet or dealing with the emotional let-down of not being able to purchase a towable RV, please check-out Custom Glass Solutions list of the top 5 tips every first-time attendee should know!

  • Plan before you go and research what you’d like to see

Many RV shows offer activities, attractions and seminars, but they may only happen once a day or once per show. Always visit the show’s website to see what is being offered, previous to the day you plan on attending.

It’s also a good idea to identify in advance where specific dealers and products will be located at the gathering so that you can visit their areas quickly and efficiently—without wasting daylight getting distracted. Most shows will have a map on their website of where vendors are going to be located, so you can plan as much or as little of your day as you’d like. Some shows offer maps/flyers as well and more recently, some events have a mobile app that be very helpful.

Next in the planning process is to ask yourself if there are certain RV brands or types or RV-related products that you are most interested in seeing. When comparing specific units, learn everything you can about them online first before attending the show. Creating a list of pros and cons to carry around with you, ahead of time, will save you from being potentially overwhelmed or trying to memorize details, prices and features in the heat of the moment.

  • Gather the right equipment and dress for the weather

Larger RV shows are held on fairgrounds or other outdoor venues, so dressing in appropriate clothing and checking the weather forecast is essential to ensuring you will spend your day in comfort. According to RV Troop, here are a few accessories to make your visit to the venues a success:

  • Shoes – Comfortable walking shoes will save you from a lot of aches and pain that may cut your day at the show short.
  • Layers – RV shows are normally outdoors, so always check the weather forecast and dress in layers if necessary. It’s easier to take off a jacket or sweater than to not have these items with you when they are needed!
  • Backpacks – Use backpacks for storing brochures, holding various clothing articles and other items you may purchase from vendors.
  • Suntan Lotion – Protect yourself properly from the sun’s UV rays. Even if it’s cloudy, you’ll be exposed for most of the day. Hats and sunglasses add extra protection too!
  • Visit the show on a weekday rather than a weekend

RV shows generally run over the weekend, but some start as early as Wednesdays. In order to avoid the crowds, visit the show on a Wednesday or Thursday instead of Friday-Sunday. Some shows offer special weekday discounts as well, meaning the cost of entry or even purchasing items may be less (although the latter is up to the vendor).

If you must go to the show on the weekend, Sunday is typically less busy than Saturday. If you plan to visit on a Saturday, attend later in the day once the early crowd starts to dissipate, for more access to parking and shorter lines.

If you’re planning on buying at the show, try to attend Saturday afternoon or Sunday. Vendors are eager to make deals, sell products and are more likely to negotiate as the show winds down.

  • Talk to manufacturer reps and always ask questions

If there is an RV brand you are drawn to, make sure to seek out the manufacturer’s representative for that brand to ask about any specific questions or concerns you may have with their RVs and accessories.

Manufacturer reps typically have more product knowledge than the dealer’s salespeople who represent multiple product lines and, therefore, are more likely to know what new models are coming out in the future. They also know what modifications can and can’t be made to a factory-order unit to meet your specific needs—unlike dealer’s who may only have a general knowledge of multiple vehicles and products.

  • If you are considering making a purchase, know what your tow vehicle can handle and what the expenses are

The main reason RV shows are so popular with RV enthusiasts is because you get better deals at shows than anywhere else! The goal is to walk into the show with an idea of what’s a reasonable price. The show’s price should be the best deal, but you’ll want perspective so always make sure to check prices online ahead of time.

If you are looking to buy a motorized RV and plan to tow a vehicle you already own as a dinghy, know in advance what the restrictions are for the vehicle you plan on towing. Once you know these details, you can plan on searching for the items you will need for towing, at the show. These items include tow bars, tow dollies and braking systems.

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Written by Matt Eder

Matt Eder