Tis the Season for RV Holiday Décor

Tis the Season for RV Holiday Décor

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no better way to get in the seasonal spirit than by decorating for your respective festivities by trimming the Christmas tree, hanging dried ears of corn throughout the house, or placing a menorah in the front window. Although most people spend the holidays at home, there are plenty of RVers out on the road exploring a new campsite during this time of year as well—so why not take the holiday spirit with you on your next trip?

Decorate your motorhome this year with this list of 10 simple yet festive décor ideas to bring the holiday spirit with you on your next great RV adventure.

RV Holiday Décor IdeasRV Holiday Décor Ideas

  1. Holiday Kitchen Towels and Washcloths – Holiday bathroom towels are also an option here.
  2. Holiday Pillows and Throw Blankets – Small pillows and decorative blankets are recommended here so they don’t take up too much space.
  3. Christmas or Holiday Mugs – If you’re worried about a lack of space in you RV’s kitchen, wrap your regular mugs in newspaper or bubble wrap and leave them at home. Replace with holiday mugs as you see fit!
  4. Hang Stockings – Not many RVs have fireplaces, and that’s okay! If you find yourself without one, simply use your TV and play a homey fireplace video (you can easily find them on YouTube), or hang the stockings somewhere else they can be admired.
  5. Holiday Doormats – So easy!
  6. Small Artificial Christmas Trees – These are easy to find online or at your local home goods store and don’t take up a lot of space, which is perfect for inside the RV. Some daring RV owners even place them on their roofs to make it easier for Santa!
  7. Battery Operated Fairy Lights – These come in all different colors and sizes and are often very affordable. Regular string lights can tangle easy and can be difficult to deal with in a small space, but these are a great substitute.
  8. Hang Garland – Inside, and around the doorframe outside the RV, is our suggestion so that you can admire it whether you decide to spend some time outdoors or relaxing in the comfort of your motorhome.
  9. Holiday Window Clings – Another affordable decoration that can stick on any window and requires little to no cleanup effort!
  10. Hang a Wreath – Some like to hang a wreath on their door, but a great alternative is hanging one on the front of your RV. Lights also look fantastic on the front of your RV if you’re up for the challenge.

RV Holiday Décor IdeasCustom Glass Solutions for RV Glass Repair

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RV Holiday Décor Ideas

Written by Matt Eder

Matt Eder