Why You Should Join an RV Community

Do you own an RV and want to join a growing, supporting and nation-wide community of RVers? Then look no further!

The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) was established in 1963 with the mission to bring freedom, fun, and good times to the RV industry. FMCA members celebrate their RV lifestyle through community, support, events and benefits. Since its founding, FMCA has issued more than 475,000 memberships across the United States to fellow RV enthusiasts like you! At the cost of one meal a month, members receive:

Community & Events

Although two is better than one, FMCA’s 100,000 active members are far superior than one. In a sense, joining FMCA is joining an active and knowledgeable community of RVers across the country.

Members receive issues of Family RVing Magazine and recommendations for campground and short-term RV stays; they make connections with fellow RVers and have 24-hour emergency stay options and roadside help. Most importantly, FMCA members join a growing community that provides helpful and knowledgeable tech advice for all things RV from the best composting toilets to power options to solving engine problems.

Along with this national community, RV members of FMCA have access to a multitude of RV events. Whether you want to attend a national or chapter-specific rally, FMCA has you covered. On the FMCA site you can search for chapters and their events using either your locale or mutual interest.

You can find chapters that are centered around sports teams, RV motor type, occupation status, outside hobbies, age, and more. FMCA Chapter Rallies are a fun place to swap RV stories, lessons learned, helpful tips, and meet like-minded RVers!

Member-Only Benefits

FMCA members receive what seems to be an endless array of benefits, from tire discounts to roadside rescue services; from RV insurance to RV windshield replacement services. FMCA’s membership page details a full list of RV membership benefits, including resource-based benefits such as their proprietary FMCA Connections search tool that connects RVers the best campgrounds and RV repair shops in their area.

Custom Glass Solutions is a proud partner with FMCA, offering its members exclusive and discounted RV windshield replacement services. Don’t let a cracked RV windshield or side window system get in your way from experiencing your unique lifestyle. Join FMCA today!

And Contact Custom Glass Solutions if you need assistance while on the road or at your home with a damaged windshield or side window on your RV!

Written by Matt Eder

Matt Eder